Can I publish images created by TACTICALista on my blog or social networking site?

Can I remove the TACTICALista logo?

What kind of devices can I use TACTICALista with?

The screen freezes on my smartphone

Can I register with a non-Google account?

I forgot my password.

Can I change my registered Google account to another Google account?

Your Google account has been suspended by Google and you are no longer able to log in.

Can I share my account with others?

Is TACTICALista free?

I want to save more than three projects.

What happens to my 3 or more projects if I revert to the Starter plan from the Basic plan?

Do you accept payment methods other than credit cards?

Is there a buy-out plan instead of a monthly payment?

I'd like to cancel my membership.

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